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Crea Hospitality Design.




Crea Designs, an ingenious hospitality design agency that crafts artful commercial kitchens for hotels, restaurants, casinos, and beyond. When VRN Creative was entrusted with the birth of Crea's brand, we were not just crafting a brand; we were celebrating a multicultural mélange.

Crea Designs

CREA DESIGNS | VRN Creative, Creative Marketing & Branding

In the heart of Crea lies the spirit of creation, symbolised by its name. "Crea," a multi-lingual toast to the rich ethnic tapestry that makes up the team. The word literally means "to create" in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. This linguistic blend serves as a testament to the team's diversity and their shared passion for design.

To ensure Crea shone like a beacon in the bustling landscape of trade shows, we delved into the colourful world of their competitors. Our quest? To find a colour palette that was not just unique, but also brilliantly radiant and tastefully elegant.

The triumphant result? A captivating blend of peony pink, sunshine orange, and royal blue – colours that ensure Crea doesn't just stand out, but shines amongst its peers.

VRN didn't stop at the brand's creation. We breathed life into Crea's digital presence with a stunning website, expertly curated blog, and a robust SEO strategy. Each element was infused with the essence of Crea, mirroring the team's diversity and dedication to creation. From naming to branding, from digital platform to SEO strategy, VRN Creative has been the creative force behind Crea Designs, ensuring that this vibrant brand radiates its unique ethos in every detail.

CREA DESIGNS | VRN Creative, Creative Marketing & Branding
CREA DESIGNS | VRN Creative, Creative Marketing & Branding
CREA DESIGNS | VRN Creative, Creative Marketing & Branding

Crea's blog strategy illuminates client challenges in commercial kitchen design and positions Crea as the ideal solution. We dissect issues like space usage, equipment choice, and design aesthetics, offering valuable insights and innovative solutions. Each post underscores Crea's excellence, building trust and showcasing how our diverse team transforms these challenges into successful design solutions.

Ode to Crea

CREA DESIGNS | VRN Creative, Copywriting, Creative Marketing & Branding

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